Teeth Whitening Treatment
Today, most people complain about the color of their teeth. There are many pores on the teeth that are invisible to the naked eye, like a sponge. In addition to wine, coffee, tea and cigarettes, these..
20 Years Tooth Extraction
Wisdom teeth are the third molars that should emerge between the ages of 17-26. In which situations and when should wisdom teeth be extracted? Wisdom teeth are the last teeth in the mouth. Since the..
Pediatric Dentist
Pedodontics is the specialty of dentistry related to pediatric oral and dental health. Pedodontist is the title given to a dentist who, after completing his 5 years of dentistry education, has com..
Zirconium Teeth
WHAT ARE THE ADVANTAGES OF İzmir ZIRCONIUM TEETH? The light transmittance of İzmir zirconium dental crowns is very close to our natural teeth, therefore it provides a natural appearance and is no..
Izmir Smile Design
HOW IS AN İzmir SMILE DESIGN DONE? The first and foremost feature of İzmir Smile design is to understand the aesthetic expectations of people correctly. Subsequently, it is planned whether these expe..


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