Izmir Smile Design


The first and foremost feature of İzmir Smile design is to understand the aesthetic expectations of people correctly. Subsequently, it is planned whether these expectations are within the limits of the needs of the people and doable. After the measurements and the photographs are taken, the most appropriate planning is made for the person’s face and expectations. At the end of the session, the most accurate designs are prepared in the computer environment and temporary restorations are made accordingly.

After a well done planning and there is no need for orthodontic treatment, the treatment will be started by fixing any disproportion in the gums. In case of missing teeth, planned dental implant procedures and other minor surgical procedures are performed if necessary. After their recovery, teeth whitening is performed if necessary. Afterwards, visual defects in the teeth are sometimes eliminated with aesthetic composite fillings. In cases where composite fillings are not sufficient, porcelain laminates and veneers and zirconium veneers are used. During the porcelain laminate process, either no abrasion is applied on the teeth, or a minimum level of abrasion is done while measurements are taken and the laboratory stage is started. The prepared porcelain lamina or zirconium veneers are tried out on the patient and checked, and they are shown to the patient and sent to the technician for the necessary arrangements and final touches, after the patient has expressed his/her opinion. Finally, the veneers on which all the arrangements and polishing processes are made are shown to the patient for the last time and adhered after approval.

Sometimes, it is not enough to process only the teeth and gums in smile design, in such cases, support can be obtained from medical aesthetic applications. These can be counted as dermal fillers applied to the lips and facial areas.


Smile aesthetics can be done to anyone. There is no limitation. However, suitability can be decided after an examination under the control of a specialist dentist. People under the age of 18, those who grind their teeth (in some cases), people who do not pay attention to oral hygiene might not benefit from smile aesthetics.

What are the Benefits of Izmir Dental Aesthetics?

Advantages of smile aesthetics:

Who gets to benefit from smile design:

Self-confidence increases

The incumbent can smile freely

A positive change occurs in the face with the support of the lips, cheeks and face.

The incumbent gets a white smile

The patient gets quality healthy teeth that do not change color

Comfortable chewing, relief of digestive problems

Chin problems are resolved with smile design.


When it comes to mouth and teeth, the first thing that comes to the mind is toothache, bad breath and tooth deficiencies and their solutions, but today, smile aesthetics related to teeth and gums are also one of the first things that come to mind. Aesthetic problems caused by decayed teeth, gingival diseases, crooked teeth, dark discoloration and missing teeth can have a negative impact on people’s social lives. This causes a lack of self-confidence and causes people to avoid laughing in public. Who is the smile design for?

Even if people have healthy teeth, sometimes the disproportion between teeth and gums, their shape or any deformities can also cause aesthetic anxiety which they may want to change. A beautiful smile gives people psychological strength and gives a better impression to those around them. What is considered in smile design?

As technology develops and scientific studies increase, more beautiful smiles can be obtained with more methods.

What is smile design?

The first concept that comes to the mind in aesthetic dentistry is “smile design”. Smile design is the process of giving the most natural and beautiful appearance to the teeth and gums, which have deteriorated aesthetically for many reasons or are crooked and disproportionate in their natural state, based on the facial features and needs of the patient. The smile design process, which is a multiple perspective, can be achieved by applying many procedures and treatments in combination.

What processes does smile design involve?

Everyone’s aesthetic perception, needs and expectations are different. Therefore, the procedures to be performed are determined and applied individually. The facial features, gender, age and demands of the patient are taken into account in this determination. What is considered in smile design.

First any caries and gum diseases are treated. Subsequently, the actions to be taken according to the needs of the patient are planned. These can include orthodontic treatments (brace treatments), minor surgical procedures on the gums to provide gingivectomy, tooth whitening (bleaching), completion of tooth deficiencies with implants or bridge prosthesis applications, porcelain laminates and coatings, zirconium coatings.

İzmir Smile Aesthetics and Smile Design Prices

The price of smile design is among the frequently asked questions with the increase in aesthetic needs today. The price of smile design may vary according to the expectations and wishes of the patient and the procedures to be performed. When calculating the price of smile design, it should not be forgotten that smile design includes a multidisciplinary, that is, multiple treatment protocols. Orthodontic treatment, gingival aesthetics operation, implant treatment used to complete missing teeth, teeth whitening, the scope of E-max, zirconium or lamina porcelain procedures to be carried out are important in calculating the price of smile design. Therefore, the price of smile design can be determined according to the prices in the price tariff determined by the Turkish Dental Association, according to the detailed examination and patient expectations.

How Much are Izmir Smile Design Prices?

Many factors are effective in determining the price of smile aesthetics. Smile aesthetic prices can increase or decrease in line with the patient’s wishes.

While determining the prices of smile aesthetics;

The mouth and teeth structure of the person is very important. The current situation should be evaluated with a detailed examination.

The examination must be supplemented with a thorough chin film examination.

The quality of the material chosen by the patient is very effective in determining the price.

The knowledge, skills and expertise of the treating dentist play an important role in determining the price of smile aesthetics.

Smile aesthetics is a very popular application recently. A specialist dentist who loves and does his job successfully can give a patient long term usage when he applies smile aesthetics to his patient with quality materials. When we think about the benefits of having great teeth, it is not as expensive as people think, on the contrary, you can have the aesthetic smile you want as well as benefit from good teeth for many years at very affordable prices.

What Types of Izmir Smile Aesthetics are available?

Porcelain lamina: Leaf porcelain that is applied without tooth abrasion most of the time or with only 0.3 mm abrasion on the front surface of the teeth when necessary.

Composite lamina: A short-term treatment method with composite fillings.

Full porcelain: Full porcelain veneers that cover the whole tooth.

Zirconium veneers: Zirconium veneers that cover the whole tooth. Smile design prices


Smile aesthetics takes about 7-10 days.

In Which Situations Is Smile Aesthetics Performed?

Smile Aesthetics are performed to remedy

crooked teeth

gap teeth

discolored teeth

deconstructed teeth

teeth with lots of caries

Teeth which have had multiple fillings for a long time

Worn teeth

broken teeth

How is Izmir Smile Aesthetics Performed?

When we say smile aesthetics, many applications such as dental implants, teeth whitening, gum treatment, gum aesthetics, pink aesthetics, tooth filling come to the mind.

The most important part for smile aesthetics is to determine the wishes of the patient.

A full examination is performed accompanied by a chin film. How long does the smile design take?

Impressions are taken for intraoral scanning with personalized spoons

The teeth are designed as desired by the patient. They are shown to the patient in a 3D setup.

Temporary teeth, which are very close to their final shape, are prepared for the patient. The final decision is taken by showing them to the patient.

These stages continue until the patient’s expectations are fulfilled, and finally the decided smile aesthetic is designed.

When the desired smile aesthetic is decided, the final measurements are taken and the patient gets  the smile that will be used comfortably for many years. How long does the smile design last?

Smile design is the renewal of the ideal personal smile, where medicine and art are applied together. The smile design is the smile that the patient dreams of and wants to see when he looks in the mirror.  It is the applied to the patient in a healthy way, taking into account the surrounding tissues such as the shape of the face, eye color, skin color, lips, teeth and gums in a way that is suitable and natural for him.

Which Privileged Treatments Are Used in Smile Design?

1-) Whitening time may vary. The color of teeth can be lightened a few tones in 40 minutes on average.

2-) Porcelain laminates are adhered to the teeth. A white aesthetic smile can be achieved with the use of laminates.

3-) Zirconium is a widely used technique. Zirconium gives an aesthetic appearance since it is a white metal that transmits light.

4-) Thanks to the gingival leveling, the gingiva follows the teeth in a commensurate and harmonious manner. The visibility of the teeth is increased when deemed necessary.

5-) Porcelain brackets are applied  to correct crooked teeth with the orthodontic technique.

6-) Missing teeth are completed with implant treatment. The tooth is given an aesthetic appearance.

How many sessions does digital smile design take?

It takes an average of 2 sessions to make the design and show it to you in the mouth. In the first session, your measurements are taken, and in the second session, the design is shown to you in the mouth with an application we call “Mock Up”. Treatments are started according to the methods determined as a result of the design. Although the next sessions vary according to the condition of your teeth and the procedure to be performed, a result can usually be achieved in 3 sessions.