Pediatric Dentist

Pedodontics is the specialty of dentistry related to pediatric oral and dental health. Pedodontist is the title given to a dentist who, after completing his 5 years of dentistry education, has completed the specialization program in the field of pediatric oral and dental health, and specializes in all kinds of treatment and preventive applications for children.

A pedodontist is interested in solving and preventing problems that occur in the teeth and mouth of children from infancy to the ages of 12-13.

Why should a pedodontist be preferred in the treatment of children’s teeth?

Consulting a pedodontist who will carry out your child’s dental treatment is an important step to take to enable your child to be more compliant and more conscious about dental health, by eliminating the fear dentists that can occur in the future.

The approach of pedodontists is to first aim gain the love and trust of a child with psychological approaches in line with the philosophy of ‘put the child first, then the tooth’, and then aim to perform dental treatments painlessly with a gradual treatment approach from easy to difficult.

When should the first dental examination be done?

The American Association of Pediatric Dentists and the American Association of Pediatrics state that a dental examination is necessary after the eruption of the first primary tooth, starting from 1 year of age at the latest.

When should I start brushing my baby’s teeth?

With the eruption of the first milk tooth (approximately 6 months), your baby’s teeth and gums should be cleaned with a clean cheesecloth, gauze, commercially available special cleaning wipes or finger brushes.

From the age of one, you can stop cleaning with gauze or cheesecloth and clean your child’s teeth and gums with an age-appropriate toothbrush without paste or with fluoride-free toothpaste.

When to use which paste?

* no toothpaste or fluoride-free toothpaste for 1-3 year old children

*Brushing should be done with a low dose (500 ppm) of fluoride-containing toothpaste between the ages of 3-6.

What services are provided by pedodontists?

Protective Applications:

Informs about a healthy and balanced diet

Encourages children to adopt the habit of oral hygiene and determines personal protective programs,

Ensures that parents are informed about their children’s oral hygiene,

Applies fluoride to teeth,

Applies fissure sealant to teeth when necessary,

Applies preventive and stopper orthodontic treatments against the effects of harmful habits (thumb sucking, tongue thrusting, etc.) on the teeth of children,

Applies dental protectors to children who engage in sports to prevent trauma to the teeth.

Treatment Applications:

Filling treatment for caries in milk and permanent teeth

Root canal treatment for milk and permanent teeth

Tooth extraction

Removes discoloration and plaque from teeth

Treats teeth fractured by falls and accidents.

Sedation and General Anesthesia in Pediatric Dentistry

If your child’s fear of the dentist cannot be overcome and you do not want to delay the treatment of caries, it is possible to have dental treatments under sedation and/or general anesthesia in centers where experienced anesthesiologists and dentists are authorized to perform ‘dental treatment with sedation and/or general anesthesia’.

What are the Prices of Pediatric Dentistry?

You can consult and get information by contacting us for pediatric dentistry prices. The prices of pedodontics may differ according to the applied treatments.