Teeth Whitening Treatment

Today, most people complain about the color of their teeth. There are many pores on the teeth that are invisible to the naked eye, like a sponge. In addition to wine, coffee, tea and cigarettes, these pores become clogged with food and the color of the teeth begins to darken.

The most common causes of tooth discoloration:


2-Tea, coffee

3-Age-related coloration

4-Using tetracycline group antibiotics

5-Excess fluoride use

6-Blows and traumas to the teeth

7-Fizzy drinks such as cola

8-Tooth darkening after root canal treatment

How is teeth whitening done?

First of all, a dentist should examine the patient and decide on his suitability for teeth whitening. If the whitening process is deemed appropriate for the patient;

1- The cheeks and lips are protected by using a mouth opener.

2-Tissues around the teeth are protected with special cotton and saliva absorbers.

3- A gum protective barrier is applied

4-Hydrogen peroxide-containing gel is applied on the teeth.

5-Activation is increased with a special laser device.

6-The required time is waited in line with the whitening gel rules suitable for the patient.

Although the process varies from person to person, the whitening process takes between 30 and 60 minutes on average. In some cases, it may be necessary to repeat the whitening process with an extra session.

The result of the whitening process may vary depending on the tooth structure and tooth color of the person.

Situations where teeth whitening is not recommended:

1-In patients younger than 15

2-People with 1 or more cavities

3-People with gum problems

4-People with gum recession

5-People with exposed root surfaces

6-People with advanced sensitivity

How long does the teeth whitening effect last?

Initially, how long the color of the teeth can be maintained depends on the person’s attention to himself, the consumption of food and beverage and harmful habits such as smoking. The teeth can preserve their color for about 6 months to 2 years. However, after the first whitening, the teeth can preserve their color for many years.

Side effects of teeth whitening:

Some patients have no complaints both during the procedure and for 1-2 weeks after the procedure. However, people have sensitive teeth and they can use desensitizing pastes during this process which will go away within 7-10 days. During the whitening process, there may be symptoms such as burning and discoloration in the tissues around the teeth. These complaints resolve themselves very quickly.

Is teeth whitening harmful?

The methods that are spoken about among the public and applied, the whitening products the  contents of which is unknown and sold in many markets and pharmacies can be very harmful for your teeth. However, the bleaching process applied to people who are deemed appropriate by the professional dentist in the clinical and hospital environment is certainly not harmful. If this were not so, we dentists would never whiten our own teeth and the teeth of our acquaintances.