Zirconium Teeth


  • The light transmittance of İzmir zirconium dental crowns is very close to our natural teeth, therefore it provides a natural appearance and is not very obvious.
  • Compatibility with the gums is very good compared to traditional porcelain on metal. While porcelain on metal can cause a purplish appearance on the gums, this does not happen with zirconium.
  • Among the advantages of zirconium teeth are that zirconium dental veneers can be preferred especially for the front teeth as they have the closest appearance to natural teeth.
  • The material is more biologically compatible. Some of our patients might experience allergies to porcelain coatings with metal substructures. In such cases, zirconium crowns should be the first choice.
  • Less tooth tissue is cut from the tooth which will be treated with zirconium. In traditional porcelain over metal teeth, the tooth tissue is cut more to reduce the grayish image that will be reflected from the metal and look more natural are among the advantages of zirconium teeth.
  • Since fewer cuts are made on the teeth to be coated, less hot and cold sensitivity is anticipated.
  • If a single tooth coating is to be made, it is best to use zirconium because it cannot be distinguished from the other teeth due to its similarity to natural teeth.

İzmir Zirconium Coating Prices

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While reading this article about zirconium crowns, which have gained popularity in recent years, you will answers to questions such as ‘will I feel pain when my teeth are cut?’ or “Can I smoke or drink alcohol with my temporary coatings?” Now, without further ado, let’s move on to our article.

What does İzmir Zirconium Tooth Coating Mean?

Zirconium is a groundbreaking veneer after porcelain on metal in dentistry, which allows aesthetic prosthetic treatments in dental treatments due to its white color, light transmittance and durability*.


There are stages of “how to make a dental bridge” in our clinic, which may differ in other clinics, but 90% are done this way.

Zirconium teeth are applied as follows:

  • Local anesthesia is applied so that no pain is felt during the tooth preparation.
  • The teeth to be veneered are reduced and precise measurements are taken.
  • Immediately after the teeth are cut and measured, a temporary tooth is prepared without leaving the seat and temporarily attached.
  • Zirconium colors are selected with reference to the uncut teeth.
  • After 3-5 days, your zirconium crown will be ready and your real tooth is usually glued temporarily. The reason why it is not permanently attached is to be able to intervene quickly if a problem occurs.
  • If there is no problem in use, it is permanently adhered after 4-7 days.
  • A check-up is done once every 6 months. We will write here soon what needs to be done to use your coatings for a long time.
  • I hope we were able to answer the question of how to zirconium teeth are applied.

Disadvantages of İzmir Zirconium Coatings?

  • Zirconium bridges are not preferred in cases where there are very long tooth gaps, as they are more fragile than traditional porcelain on metal bridges.
  • They are more expensive than traditional porcelain on metal.

Is İzmir Zirconium Tooth Coating Harmful?

Zircon veneer is a treatment method that has positive effects on dental health, although it is generally preferred in terms of aesthetics. This is because zirconium is more compatible with the gums and does not harm the gums in any way. Gum diseases seen around the gums of teeth with zirconium coating are much less common than those of metal coatings.

People who are allergic to metal avoid metal-reinforced dental veneers. Thanks to the zirconium dental treatment offered to the medical world in an improved form, this problem also disappears. Zirconium crowns are the ideal dental treatment method for those who are resistant to heat and allergic to metal.


You can review this comprehensive article where you can find detailed information about zirconium tooth coating prices and the tooth coating method. You can contact us for your questions and get detailed information about our prices and services.

Patients who want to have Zirconium Veneers should first consult a dentist and get an opinion commensurate with their needs. The factors that determine the cost of zirconium coating prices are as follows:

Materials to be used by the dentist and needed by the patient,

Devices used during the procedure and the fee determined by the dentist for this procedure,

Many factors, such as the quality of the measurements to be taken for Zirconium Coating, affect the price.

A person who wants to have a zirconium veneer will face an average cost. However, it is worth repeating that it is possible to encounter differences in fees according to the procedures to be performed and the dentist. For the most accurate zirconium dental prices with the difference of LOCADENT dental clinic, feel free to contact us via our phone numbers or Whatsapp line, or you can visit us to have your first examination and start treatment immediately.

As a result of the flow of daily life or for purely natural reasons, many people suffer from losing the natural beauty of their teeth over time. Teeth not only affect appearance, but also function deficiencies caused by missing or short teeth are problematic. And unfortunately, when it comes to dental care, it is not possible to compensate for applications that are not done on time. With

Therefore, once your teeth lose their healthy and white look, it cannot be reversed. Zirconium teeth prices. However, the development of technology has made it possible to reverse from the impossible to possible like make teeth even more beautiful than before. Thanks to many dental coating technologies that are widely used today, teeth can look healthier and more aesthetic than ever before. One of these technologies is the application of zirconium tooth coating. Zirconium teeth prices.

Zirconium is an element commonly found in nature. This element can be processed with some chemical processes into a color that is very similar to the natural color of teeth. The fact that it does not interact with any food or drink makes zirconium an invaluable boon for dental veneers. Methods that have been widely used in dental aesthetics for years suggested metal supports or porcelain veneers that are not very healthy. Zirconium tooth coating, which has become more and more widespread in recent years, neither needs metal supports nor causes chemical reactions that discolor the gums like porcelain coatings. Zirconium dental prices.


It is useful to make an explanation as follows to the question how long does it take to complete a zirconium tooth will be completed:  the most important feature of zirconium treatment that distinguishes it from other treatment methods is the completion of the treatment in a short time. Dentist experts say that 5 days is sufficient for zirconia ceramic treatment in general. In other words, there is no need to wait for a long time to have an aesthetic smile.

Zirconium Teeth are mostly used in the dental field, as they do not have any allergic properties, do not corrode, and are white and light-permeable. However, it is worth mentioning that there are other usage areas as well.

Since previously applied porcelain teeth generally left an aftertaste in the mouth and changed color, aesthetics was not the main issue. However, with the advancement of today’s medical technology, such problems have been eliminated thanks to new studies in the field of oral and dental health. Zirconium Dental Veneer is a type of tooth that is more durable than other types of teeth, does not leave a metallic taste in the mouth, is white and with light-permeable features and therefore has made a name for itself. How long does it take to complete a Zirconium tooth?

Where are İzmir Zirconium dental prices quoted ?

Zirconium dental veneer is a dental treatment method that is mostly used in the field of aesthetics. Zirconium is used in cases where positive results are not achieved even though methods such as teeth whitening have been applied. In general, the usage areas are as follows;

.Advanced discoloration,

.In the treatment of hereditary structural discoloration,

.In cases where orthodontic treatment cannot be used, in the treatment of gapped or slightly crooked teeth such as “diastemata”,

.For old fillings whose color and structure have deteriorated,

.As a veneer or bridge for posterior teeth groups,

.On anterior implant prosthesis,

.Zirconium coating is used to create smile aesthetics.

A Zirconium Tooth is made out of a white alloy that is used in place of gray metal, which is the infrastructure of classical porcelain bridges and prostheses, with a light transmittance very close to natural teeth and compatible with gums.

In which situations do we prefer Izmir Zirconium teeth?

Mainly for aesthetic purposes;

* In cases of advanced discoloration where results cannot be achieved with methods such as bleaching

* In the treatment of hereditary structural discolorations

*For gapped or slightly crooked teeth such as diastemata where orthodontic treatment is not preferred.

*For discolored and discolored old filled teeth

*For teeth with excessive substance loss

*As a bridge or veneer on posterior groups of teeth

*To people who are allergic to metal-supported porcelain

*On implant prostheses

*It is used to structure smile aesthetics.

Will Izmir Zirconium teeth change color in the future?

The material discourages plaque accumulation due to its smooth and slippery porcelain surface. Therefore, it is not affected by colorants such as coffee, tea and cigarettes. The color remains fixed.

How much does an Izmir Zirconium tooth cost?

It is slightly more pricy than metal-supported porcelain. This is because they are formed with special tailor made blocks with special machines. Recently, some clinics have used Far East-made blocks to reduce the cost. This jeopardizes aesthetics and shortens their lifespan. Choosing zirconium from world-famous brands instead of incompatible zircon for gums with low quality aesthetics ensures a longer life.

How long does it take to complete an Izmir Zirconium dental veneer?

It takes one week on average.

Do Izmir Zirconium veneers have any disadvantages?

Long edentulous intervals are not recommended as the probability of fractures in the posterior regions increase.